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    Young love does exsist you have to be in a relationship or love eachother for a while though. You just have to keep it strong & dont give up. You have to go through alot to be in love with someone. Its where you know alot about eachother,trust eachother & can depend on eachother. You know there flaws & things about them no one else would know. Young love can be easy to fall into but you have to be commited to the other person. 

    Wow! Thank you so much this blows my mind! Welcome to the family!

  5. The Cold Harbour // Seasons

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  6. dreamatlanticrecords:

    'Rejoice in the sound of the leaves falling
    Awoken to the sound of autumn calling
    There is no love lost between my heart and mind
    With growing courage to leave everything behind.
    The coming of foresight with time
    Changing balance of light to shine
    If you can forget all the fears of life
    One day things will be alright.

    I feel like i am losing all feeling
    And my heart will never stop beating
    I’ve never been more content with knowing
    Letting go is what makes life worth living.

    My days around you i behold
    Makes time stand still
    And to think to times of old.
    The remnants of the burning mill.

    We all come from nothing, and will return to it
    Just one small part of this earth
    Endless sorrow ever since my birth

    As the willow shade hangs over me.
    Nothing left i can bare to see
    One look to my grave and i wish to be free.
    Watch the willow shade hang over me’


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    Copyright © Frieder Jan Moerman.

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